My favorite word that defies biological laws. Sisters of all kind.

We are Marcela and Martina. We have been friends since we were born.

Our moms met when they started high school in Buenos Aires, in 1948.

They have been inseparable since then, for 75 years.

Our collage explores that bond, their love and commitment for each

other, and the transmission of such love to the next generation.

We -like them- had been best friends, like sisters.

We are interested in the constant, invisible material that keeps them (and

us) unconditionally attached. Our moms created a network, full of love,

that become a safe space for us and our own kids.

What is that material made of? What is a sister, whether biological or

non-biological? We are very intrigued about the intergenerational

transmission of this bond. Now our own children inherited the

unconditional love of our mothers. All those questions inform our work.

We want to honor their lives; we want to thank them for who they are,

“pearls’ who are powerful, loving, resilient women who walked together

almost all their lives, in the good and not so good times, but always

loving, ready to give.